Mt Kilimanjaro Tour 2024

Team BMF, our intrepid hikers, have embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro! They have been hard at work training in preparation for the final ascent while raising awareness and support the life changing work of the Barbara May Foundation.

As exciting as the climb itself, they will also be visiting the Kivulini Maternity Centre in Arusha, Tanzania with Dr Andrew Browning to learn more about the work of the Foundation.

Team BMF

Team BMF is Georgie Southam, Victoria Beighton, Richard Zwar,
Jacqui D’Anna, Atlanta Zwar

Team BMF

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Team BMF are close to reaching their fundraising target of $25,000. Your support and generosity have been incredible and has inspired our team. They are set and ready for the challenge!

It is not too late to donate

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How can you help?

Programmes supported wholly or in part by the Barbara May Foundation include:

. The building and operations of the Vision Maternity Care Hospital in Barhirdar, Ethiopia.
. The operations of the Barbara May Maternity Hospital in Mille, Ethiopia.
. Kivulini Maternity Centre – Maternity Africa, Tanzania. This centre provides obstetric services and an extensive fistula repair programme which includes significant outreach programmes.
. Tertiary education of local medical professionals.