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Providing lifesaving maternal healthcare & fistula repair in remote Africa

Around the world, approximately 800 women die every day from birth-related injuries such as fistula. More than half of these are in sub-Saharan Africa. The Barbara May Foundation funds projects that provide dignity and safety for underprivileged women in birth.

Established in 2009, the Barbara May Foundation (BMF) provides funding to Australian medical professionals Valerie Browning AM and Dr Andrew Browning AM. Running projects in remote Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia and South Sudan) that relieve the high incidence of death and extreme injury such as fistula in pregnancy and childbirth. They provide safety, dignity and hope. Maternal healthcare and medical services are provided at no cost, regardless of race or religion.

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“Aunt Val and Uncle Ismael, in about 2009, on the building site of our first maternity hospital in the Afar Desert of Ethiopia – the hottest inhabited place on earth. The hospital was later named Barbara May Memorial Hospital.” Excerpt from A Doctor in Africa.
Learn more about Valerie Browing's work in Africa - story link in bio. #adoctorinafrica #barbaramayfoundation #fistularepair #africa #safebirth #savethemothersavetheworld

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In recognition of the great work of our midwives meet Sister Medhanit who joined the staff of Vision Maternity Care Hospital (VMC) eight-years-ago after working as a midwife in the government hospitals for eight years prior to that. She works hard - teaching, caring, and instructing, and is one of our lead midwives having cared for hundreds of women in the clinics, wards and delivery rooms.
“I enjoy making a difference in a person's life. Being able to help women in difficulty and seeing the joy they have when they deliver a healthy baby is reward enough.”
#savethemothersavetheworld #safebirth #barbaramayfoundation #maternalhealth #africa #maternityafrica #fistularepair

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In recognition of the great work of our midwives, please meet Sister Monmon who first worked at a project we ran in a rural hospital in central north Ethiopia in a town called Mota. She was an exceptional team member, and when her family moved to BarhirDar, she applied to work at the BMF-funded Vision Maternity Care Hospital (VMC) and of course she was accepted. She has been working as a midwife at VMC since 2011 and is a key midwife, bringing experience, care and expertise.
"I love the to help women have a safe birth and help them with their newborn babies at this crucial and special moment in their lives."
#savethemothersavetheworld #safebirth #barbaramayfoundation #maternalhealth #africa #maternityafrica #fistularepair

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Listen now to Dr Andrew Browning on The Global Health Chat podcast (24 June 2022) where he shared his inspiring stories and experiences and discussed their impact on global health. Listen now on the link in the bio.

#safebirth #fistularepair #africa #barbaramayfoundation #theglobalhealthchat

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Two of the Foundation’s great supporters have offered to MATCH EVERY DONATION to the value of $35,000! So here is your opportunity to DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT and help the women living in remote East Africa have access to safe birth and life-saving maternal health services.
To donate today visit:
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Looking for a way to make a massive difference? Consider making a regular donation to the Barbara May Foundation. You can choose to donate weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly or whatever amount you like. Regular giving helps us to plan and means you don’t have to think about when you should next make a donation. Your donation will support operating costs at the hospitals we fund, provide vital medical supplies, and fund safe delivery kits for community midwives. When you sign up for regular giving, we will keep you up to date with our work via our e-newsletter. Ready to make it a great habit? See link in bio to donate regularly.
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In sub-Saharan Africa many women simply don’t have access to an attended birth and are therefore at greater risk of complications. This has resulted in some harrowing statistics.
For example, one woman dies in childbirth every three minutes and for each woman who dies, another 20 sustain lifelong injuries including a condition called a fistula.
Over the past 12 months more than 20,000 women have received free healthcare through Barbara May Foundation-funded programmes and 13,000 women delivered their babies for free in our networks.
Please help us continue to provide safety in birth and return hope and dignity to women who have suffered fistula by donating here today.
All donations over AUD$2 are fully tax-deductible. You can donate securely in link in bio or online:
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