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Providing lifesaving maternal healthcare & fistula repair in remote Africa

Around the world, approximately 800 women die every day from birth-related injuries such as fistula. More than half of these are in sub-Saharan Africa. The Barbara May Foundation funds projects that provide dignity and safety for underprivileged women in birth.

Established in 2009, the Barbara May Foundation (BMF) provides funding to Australian medical professionals Valerie Browning AM and Dr Andrew Browning AM initiating and managing projects in remote East Africa (Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Northern Uganda) that relieve the high incidence of death and extreme injury such as fistula in pregnancy and childbirth. They provide safety, dignity and hope. Maternal healthcare and medical services are provided at no cost, regardless of race or religion.

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Barbara May Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with Safewill, Australia’s leading online Will writing platform, that provides quality wills at a competitive price. Safewill provides this service to many major charities and has made it easier and more affordable for the 70% of Australian adults who don’t have a valid Will to protect the people and organisations that mean the most to them.

Securing bequests plays an important part in all charities fundraising strategies, so the Foundation is pleased to partner with this trustworthy and professional group who can help us grow our fundraising and engagement in this area.

Every Will submitted is reviewed by their affiliate law firm, Safewill Legal, to ensure they have been filled out correctly, and their lovely Customer Care team will also be available to answer any queries. If you would like to investigate the Safewill option, you can do so on link in bio.

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Happy International Volunteer Day (IVD)! IVD raises awareness of the important role volunteers play in responding to challenges facing the world. In 2022 the theme is: Solidarity through Volunteering.

The Barbara May Foundation salutes our amazing volunteer midwives, obstetricians and those work behind the scenes administratively raising funds and forging partnerships to help underprivileged women with free quality maternal healthcare in remote and regional East Africa, despite often difficult and adverse conditions.

More information on volunteer opportunities with BMF:

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Tatu is in her late forties. Twenty-years-ago she endured a three-day labour at home on her fifth pregnancy. Her uterus burst because of the long labour, and she was rushed to hospital, barely alive where she had a caesarean. Sadly, her baby died, and a fistula had occurred to her bladder and bowel. Tatu survived, but leaking urine and faeces and trying to care for four young children, she often wished she hadn't. Tatu went to several hospitals over the years, some of which tried to operate but they only made things worse. She eventually came to Kivulini Hospital in Tanzania where her rectal injury was cured and recently, a complex diversion operation on her bladder made her dry. Her life is transformed, and her freedom and dignity are returned.
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The Barbara May Foundation is proud to have earned the Excellence in Giving Transparency Certificate by submitting 175 strategy, leadership, financial, and impact data to @NonprofitAnalytics. Review our cost-effectiveness- see link in bio. #barbaramayfoundation #excellenceingiving ...

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Nakalanzi is only 11-years-old and has a rare birth defect where the urine drains straight from one of her kidneys to her birth canal. Unfortunately, she went through a difficult operation earlier this year in a different hosppital, but it was not successful, and she was still leaking urine every day. Due to her condition she suffered cruel teasing and was unable to attend school. Last week Nakalanzi was successfully operated in Kitovu, Uganda and was overjoyed to experience her first dry night in her life. She is pictured here with Sister Nabukalu who runs the fistula program in Kitovu.
Learn more about BMF work at
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Join the Board of Barbara May Foundation for an inspiring evening with Valerie Browning AM in Victoria.

This is a rare opportunity to meet Valerie and hear about her work for girls and women in one of the most remote and isolated parts of Ethiopia. You’ll also get a first-hand account of the recent conflict and crisis in northern Ethiopia and the work of the Foundation in that region.

NORTH CARLTON VIC – An evening with Valerie Browning AM
Thursday 24th November, 2022
Time: 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Cost: $80 per person inclusive of dinner and wine and beer

This dinner and discussion is sponsored by the Barbara May Foundation together with Ethiopiaid Australia, who also closely support Valerie’s work in Afar.

To book see link in bio.
Numbers are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment. #ethiopia #savethemothersavetheworld #africa #barbaramayfoundation #ethiopiaidaus

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Beatrice is only 22-years-old but has been living a life of shame for five years with a severe fistula injury. She has been operated on five times and not cured due to her extensive injuries. Dr Andrew was able to operate on her for the sixth time last week in Kitovu, Uganda. The medical team are confident she will be dry after this operation, but she will have to live with a catheter. She will now be continent and able to re-join society with dignity.
Learn more about BMF work at
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Save the date for “An Evening with Valerie Browning AM”. The Barbara May Foundation and EthiopiAid are pleased to welcome Valerie home for her first visit in many years. Join us for dinner and discussion as she shares a first-hand account of the recent conflict and crisis in northern Ethiopia, and the work of the Foundation in that region.
* Thursday 24th November, 2022
* St Michael’s Anglican Church, North Carlton, Melbourne.
This is a rare opportunity to meet the distinguished Australian nurse who runs the Barbara May Maternity Hospital in Afar and get a personal update about your impact as a supporter of the Foundation. Stay tuned for more information to come on how to reserve your place! #ethiopia #savethemothersavetheworld

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Fistula injuries are extremely rare in Australia due to the general practise of attended births and early intervention on the occasion of difficulties in labour. But they do occur, generally after a mishap in an operation or secondary to a tear in labour. These injuries are very different from the injuries seen in Africa but are just as debilitating for the women experiencing them. BMF volunteer doctors, having gained extensive experience in Africa, are bringing advice and assistance to the rare cases of women suffering in Australia. #safebirth #fistularepair #savethemothersavetheworld ##áfrica ...

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