BMF 2017 – Annual Report

Oct 27, 2017

Many thanks to our directors; Founders Dr David Browning and Bishop George Browning, Katrina Onishi, Dr Samantha Hargreaves, Maryanne Ayres, Louise Harknett and Tom Crawford. It has not been an easy year with much building activity and new activities in Arusha. Our Treasurer Katrina Onishi is retiring at our Annual General Meeting in October. We are grateful to Katrina who has streamlined the reporting procedures during her term of office. Tom Crawford, of PricewaterhouseCoopers, has kindly consented to be Treasurer.

Finally thanks to our General Manager, Jo Crowley, for her efforts during the year and for undertaking her first visit to Africa.

BMF Chairmans Address YE2017
BMF Financial Statement YE2017