Dr Andrew Browning featured on “To Be Human”, a podcast by Jennah-Louise

Jul 27, 2021

A word from Jennah-Louise about this episode featuring Dr Browning:

“Hello beautiful people. On today’s podcast we have the compassionate and committed Dr Andrew Browning. Andrew has spent 17 years of his life working in countries such as Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Togo in Africa, and has personally operated on over 7,000 women with obstetric fistulas; which Andrew will explain what this specifically is, in the beginning of this podcast. He has started the Barbara May Foundation which has built hospitals, trained staff and established programs to heal fistulas and also to prevent them; having delivered over 80,000 women so far at no cost for them.

What I personally love about this podcast is Andrew’s just deep love and care for these women, and humanity in general. There is a lot of shame and isolation with women when it comes to obstetric fistulas, a shocking 40% of patients have thought about suicide, particularly in Africa, and it is his mission of restoring hope and dignity among these women that is truly touching. At the age of 14 Andrew committed his life to Christ and it is truly fascinating to hear of the deep sense of dedication within him that has been his primary driver to achieve such greatness and alleviate suffering in this world.

For those of you whose faith may not be based in Christianity, I ask that when you hear Andrew speak of his faith, to insert where appropriate your own faith, as you will find in what he says, the fundamental principles tend to be the same; have love and compassion for one another.

I will state a trigger warning here as he shares some very confronting stories about societal rejection, rape and traumatic injuries, but in saying this, he also shares stories that are a true representation of our humanity based in resilience, strength and the power of healing through love.

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