Feature: Dr Andrew Browning in Conversation with John Anderson

Aug 14, 2023

John Anderson sits down with Dr. Andrew Browning, an obstetrician-gynecologist who has devoted his life to improving maternal health in Africa, with a particular focus on fistula surgery. He has collaborated with Dr. Catherine Hamlin and is the founder of the Barbara May Foundation. It is a fascinating, moving, and at times humorous conversation that not only delves into Andrew’s experiences in Africa but also touches on broader issues such as the nature of charity, the hidden cost of affluence, and the role of Christ as a source of motivation. From Ethiopia to Sierra Leone and from Tanzania to Togo, Dr. Andrew Browning has dedicated nearly two decades to helping women affected by obstetric fistulas – a debilitating condition resulting from obstructed childbirth. Andrew began his journey in Africa in the 1990s, working alongside the late Dr. Catherine Hamlin. Since then, he has founded the Barbara May Foundation, which has built hospitals, trained staff, and established programs both to treat and prevent fistulas among some of the world’s most disadvantaged women.