Meet Dr Andrew Browning Brisbane Event

Sep 28, 2021

On September 23, 80 guests joined BMF Director, Richard Browning, BMF Ambassador Dr Geoff Kelsey and great friend of the Foundation’s, Margaret Hounslow, at Customs House in Brisbane to meet Dr Andrew Browning and hear about the maternal health and fistula repair work funded by the Foundation in remote and regional East Africa. Due to COVID restrictions, Andrew was unable to attend in person but instead Zoomed in for his talk followed by nearly one hour of live Q&A from the enthralled guests, many of who were from the local Ethiopian community. Thanks to the McCaul family for their help in ensuring the financial success of the event, and the generous donors who added to the positive outcome of the evening. Hundreds of underprivileged women will be provided with safe birth, or the freedom and dignity provided by the repair of a fistula injury, by the funds raised.

Pictured: BMF Director, Richard Browning, and one of the dinner groups.