Success Story: Boui

Dec 19, 2023

Meet Boui, 16, who lives in remote South Sudan. The young married bride had her first pregnancy and went into labour, however, after four days in labour her family were eventually persuaded to take her to the mission hospital several hours away. On arrival, Boui was barely alive, but Dr Marianna and the staff of the Catholic mission hospital resuscitated her, delivered her stillborn child, and helped her recover from overwhelming infection and blood loss. However, she had sustained a fistula, which resulted in leaking urine and weakness.  Plans were made to send Boui to Juba for life-changing surgery. Due to conflict in the area that had closed the roads, Bouis was flown to Juba. Dr Marianne flew with Boui, who grabbed Marianna’s arm with each jolt of turbulence. Boui had never flown before much less been in a car. She arrived at the hospital in Juba and received the surgery to cure her fistula and is reported to be getting stronger with plans to return home soon.