Success Story: Lucia

Aug 30, 2023

Lucia’s exact age is unknown to her, though she recalls being born before the president of Tanzania, which would mean she is likely over 100 years old (though this is improbable).

After giving birth to a daughter, her second delivery in the village endured a prolonged labour lasting four days, resulting in the still birth of the baby. This ordeal left Lucia with a fistula injury, causing urine leakage, and subsequently confining her to her home and the immediate vicinity. In addition, Lucia developed a condition that paralysed one side of her face and caused blindness in one eye. Her husband passed away several years later and despite her daughter’s care, it was believed that Lucia was cursed, and therefore her daughter was too afraid to spend much time with her.


Having been introduced to us, Lucia underwent a surgical procedure at our hospital in Arusha in July. Overjoyed, she exclaimed, “I can’t fathom becoming well after enduring all these years.”

Lucia has since returned home, enjoying improved health and freedom from her past challenges. She no longer faces issues with urinary leakage and can now live a more comfortable life.