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Twice the Doctor

Twice the Doctor is a campaign giving doctors the opportunity to donate one day of their salary to provide a doctor’s salary in Africa for one month or a nurse’s salary in Africa for six months.

I know many medical professionals would like to be able to give their time to work in developing nations, but are unable to do so.

By donating a day of your salary you can be twice the doctor and contribute both here and in the developing world to the Barbara May Foundation.

Sydney Local Health District, along with South Western Sydney LHD, have been supporting Barbara May Foundation, and the work of Australians Valerie Browning AM and Dr Andrew Browning to provide maternal health care services and prevent death during child birth for a number of years.

All money raised by the doctors and staff across the District for Twice the Doctor will directly benefit the Barbara May Foundation’s 18-bed maternity hospital in the Afar region of Ethiopia, their maternal healthcare network assisting women to give birth safely in their villages in Mille and the soon-to-be-opened Vision Maternity Care Hospital in Barhirdar, Ethiopia. Your donations will also assist in keeping local doctors and nurses employed and continuing to work in the community.

To understand more about the impact you can have, watch Dr Andrew Browning’s one minute video below.

To make a donation, please go to , click Donate and select the Barbara May Foundation.

Be Twice the Doctor. Donate today