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Workplace Giving

For Employees

Workplace giving allows you to make a regular tax deductible donation from your salary and reduce your tax. To work out just how generous you can afford to be click here and use the workplace giving calculator. You can set up a regular workplace giving donation to the Barbara May Foundation through your employer.

For Employers

You can make a significant difference to reducing child and maternal mortality in Africa by choosing to support one of our projects. Regular workplace giving by large organisations allows us to commit to larger projects and allows your staff to see tangible results from their donation. You may like to support the annual running costs of one of the hospitals we support, or purchase an ambulance and contribute to annual running costs. Your staff may be interested in volunteering opportunities in one of the hospitals we support. Call us for information on our latest projects to find something that your company can embrace. Make a real difference today and help boost staff morale!

Call Karen Baker on 0493 966 178 for further information.