Reconciliation Hospital, Referendum, South Sudan

Dr Andrew Browning continually identifies areas in Africa where services to deliver safe birth for underprivileged women or under-serviced communities are desperately needed. The South Sudan is one such region.

Last year with the help of the Lutheran Church, a new fistula treatment centre has been built in the capital Juba. Recently they agreed to expand the facility with the inclusion of a Maternity hospital. The Foundation will be supporting the volunteer midwives and doctors to man the centre and train the local staff.

How can you help?

Programs supported wholly or in part by the Barbara May Foundation include:

. The building and operations of the Vision Maternity Care Hospital in Barhir Dar, Ethiopia.
. The operations of the Barbara May Maternity Hospital in Mille, Ethiopia.
. Kivulini Maternity Centre – Maternity Africa, Tanzania. This centre provides obstetric services and an extensive fistula repair program which includes significant outreach programs.
. Midwife Training Programs
. Tertiary education of local medical professionals.